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Toddler life

Everything is interesting and life is never boring. And I absolutely love this faze of the girls development.

Of course they have their problems as they learn to understand the world around them. Like getting upset because they can’t get books in the bath, minor issues that can cause big upset. But they are finding their way. What is right from wrong and how to deal with the emotional firings they experience when they don’t get their own way. Just the normal development obstacles all toddlers face.

Always investigating

Above the little problems, Ava Blakely and Lacey are simply funny. The way they play and interact is fascinating to watch from ringside. I can already see Ava, in charge at the head of a company. She’s as bright as a light and confident in almost everything she gets involved in. She has a caring nature and is quick to point out if someone is sad and comfort them. She has also got in the habit of following me around, shouting ‘Dada’ at the top of her voice until she gets my full attention. A lesson in patience for me at times.


Lacey is a sweetie. After a trying faze of willful defiance she is now more content and calm. The naughty step has helped this along. She is definitely the most artistic of the three. When it comes to drawing and painting, where Ava and Blakely tend to got wild on the paper, Lacey takes her time and puts thought into what she is doing. She concentrates to create neatness and stay on the paper. She loves singing and dancing as they all do.


Blakely is one of a kind. Slightly behind her sisters in little things like her speech but confident to always try new words. Her walking has come on in leaps and bounds – literally! Whereas Ava and Lacey are usually never far apart, Blakely is still content to make her own fun and keep herself entertained.

The naughty step has little effect on this one. From being the most chilled of the three when she puts her foot down in defiance she means business. She has a fire in her but it rarely surfaces. Singing and dancing are probably her favourite things, and we love the entertainment they all bring.


No matter what is going on in the stream of life, there is never a dull moment in this family. The girls are hard work, but that’s heavily outweighed by the joy they shine with.

If you want to read more about how they got here, and how I finally found my way in fatherhood. My book is now available.

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