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A Christmas break

I hope you have all had an enjoyable time over this Christmas period. As hectic as it may be.

We have been able to share the load as it were with Stacey’s family. It means we get to rest and recuperate a little. With extra bodies to chase after the triplets and help with the routine it’s a break we always look forward to with a a sense of relief.

The girls were more aware this year of what was going on as far as Santa goes. Being 2 years 6 months old they are far more active and excitable which has made this year so much fun.

They loved Christmas morning, coming in to the living room in the morning to find three sacks from Santa. They received books, learning toys and games. Their fascination with books keeps them occupied for ages which gives the rest of us time to focus on other duties. They’ve also discovered peppa pig, a program they love.

They are interacting and playing with each other constantly at the moment. They still jiber jabber in their own language but their speech is also coming on well. Ava loves to point out who she is and tell stories, Blakely loves to sing and Lacey likes to grab your hand and take you to show you things around the house.

Stacey and I also have some time booked out for ourselves. Her sister and family are taking the triplets over night our wedding anniversary date. So a meal is booked and a day to ourselves will see us free to not be constantly wondering what girls are up to. Just to have that drop of responsibility for a short time is a real treat. It means we can focus on each other. A rare opportunity in our lives now. Frankie is also enjoying a break from routine and spending time as she pleases.

This break has been much easier for me pain-wise. I made sure I had a plan in place to take short rest breaks, to not push myself as I always have done and to not feel guilty for stepping back a bit. So far, with meditation and a change in medication, along with tips and tricks I’ve learned in the pain management group I’ve avoided a flare up so far and kept my pain levels down. It means I get to enjoy the day’s more, rather than counting down the hour’s until I can get into bed.

We will be seeing the new year in before we head back home. Only now I’m beginning to feel more optimistic about managing my situation. I have a few important neurology appointments coming up and with continued support and work with the pain clinic I feel less pressure to push myself. Pressure I was only creating for myself.

I have finally began to accept my illness, and in doing so stopped the mental struggle of dealing with forced changes in my life. It’s been tough, but I have faith, a strength far beyond what I need to continue working towards remaining a good husband and father. In a sense I know I’m taken care of, whatever happens down the road.

On another note if you got a kindle for Christmas and need a good book to read, my first book release is available on Amazon. With 5 star reviews it is my personal journey into fatherhood. Here’s the link.

Si x

4 responses to “A Christmas break”

  1. It’s lovely that you and Stacey have such a supportive family. I know the support that I had from Di when I needed it helped me so much. I think accepting your illness will go a long way to help you. Keep writing.🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    1. We’re blessed to have Di. And the rest of the clan. Would be lost without so much support x


  2. Well done on the journey so far. Before you know it the girls will be, hopefully , in a school nursery for a couple of hours a day.
    I worried sick about mine leaving me to go to nursery. On that first day it took me an hour to walk the short journey home. The girls were screaming to go back to school, they had really enjoyed it.
    Happy New Year to you all.

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    1. Thank you, it’s been a hectic experience. The girls have started pre school once a week and they love it. I think it helps that they have each other.
      A happy new year to you to 🙂


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