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A little review goes a long way

Hi all.

I would firstly like to say a big thank you to all who have bought copies of my book. As a first time author, and being unsure how it would be received I have been overwhelmed with the positive messages and feedback I have been sent since it was published.

I believe a father’s perspective should be made available to anyone who may want to understand the emotional journey taken by a new dad.

If you have read it you will know that it isn’t a parenting manual, or a ‘how to’ book. It is written as a personal story of my life as it was as a result of a destructive relationship with my own dad. And how the hard lessons I learned from that relationship drove my need to be a better man for my wife and children.

From getting sober and meeting Stacey and Frankie, I then document the pregnancy and first six months of the triplets arrival. And share honestly the pressures I faced during that period of my life. Pressures that threatened to pull apart our relationship had I not already discovered a way to cope with stress.

It is a journey from triples to triplets. A loaded book that I am told is a page turner. I am just glad it is already benefiting others in some small way.

I would greatly appreciate if you have read my book to leave a review on Amazon. Being self published, it is the reviews that will stand out. And I hope this book reaches as many struggling parents who may not otherwise discover it.

Many thanks


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