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It’s difficult to believe that Ava, Blakely and Lacey are now almost two and a half. And they have definitely rolled into the infamous two’s.

If this means having a meltdown because the corner of a biscuit is missing, or getting overwhelmingly upset because you can’t put your books in the bath. They’ve arrived at the age some parents dredd.

Our house is bursting with different personalities. When the girls are up and awake they are busy, hectic and cheeky. A non stop force of energy.

It would be easy to get frustrated at them while they step into this age of hormone bursts, irrationality, frustration at not being understood, and also just testing the waters with us as parents. To see how far they can step the mark before no means no. It can get tiring. But it’s also an incredibly important time for them to begin to discover themselves. We have to be so on the ball, with everything from discipline to being willing to listen to any conversations they come to us with. Our attention is vital to them.

It’s a given that Ava will be the head of her own company. She’s advanced in her mental abilities and is a little girl who knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it and how it is to be delivered to her. We are currently all here to serve her. Make no bones about that.

Lacey is sensitive to others, quite the opposite of Ava. She needs a little more reassurance in her decisions and adventures. She is happy to join in with Ava’s ideas but is always the one checking back at mum or me to see if there’s a reaction coming. She likes to be good, to be told she’s doing well. And she loves her Daddy at the moment. She’s never far behind me.

Blakely is just Blakely. She has immense physical strength for a little one, and also has the least concentration unless it’s something she’s found she likes to do. She has fire in her belly when she’s upset and makes sure we all hear about it. She is also a master at hiding. My personal favourite is when she just closes her eyes and smiles while stood In front of me, convinced I can’t see her. She loves her dolls and Milo. She also loves books as they all do.

They are changing daily. And growing into confident little girls (especially Ava). Together though they still play well. There are more times they are taking care of each other than fighting. Their sisterly bond is strong, they are completely, and beautifully connected. And no matter how relentless and trying they can be at the moment, we are blessed to have been entrusted with them.

3 responses to “Autumn”

  1. It’s lovely to hear about the girls personalities, I think that often shows in the photos even though I am still not sure who is who.

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    1. I still muddle them up at times. But yes, they are so different


  2. Beautifully said Simon. They are yours for a reason, which I always felt with you and Rob when it was all a bit challenging. You and Stacey are doing a grand job ( not forgetting Frankie and her biig sisterly love) xx


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