Do you enjoy a book? And do you have a blog with regular visitors? Maybe you review books for a pastime.

If so I am looking for anyone who would be willing to give an honest review of my book ‘A meditative parent; The making of a triplet dad’.

It is the story of my journey into fatherhood. From overcoming the fears I faced as a result of my own dysfunctional upbringing.

Not every man grows up with the tools to become a loving dad. For some, like myself the road of fatherhood seemed impossible. I had fears and resentments from an abusive childhood. I then left home with anger towards the world and myself that resulted in damaging behaviours and mental illness.

I eventually crossed the line in my late 20’s into chronic alcoholism, an illness that only a few truly recover from.

To drag the emotional wreckage of my past into marriage and fatherhood would only have destroyed more lives than I already had. I had to find a way to live.

This book is about transformation, hope, and is honest evidence that a man can change to bring love and stability to a home, to a relationship and to fatherhood. No matter what the damage behind him.

If you would like to review my book please drop me a message. I will gift you a copy.


Si x


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