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A little help for a friend

This isn’t the usual post you get from me. Instead I am asking you for a little help.

There have been many times in my life that the kindness of strangers have got me through a tough spot. Only this year after being taken out of work with a serious health issue, it was the kindness of a group of triplet mums that paid for our food shopping and nappies for two months. Taking the pressure off of us enough to financially get through.

And going back through my life there have been many other times the kindness and charity of others has taken the weight off, sometimes only momentarily but enough to give me a chance to get back on track.

Before i left home, and if you have followed my blog or read my book you will know I was going through a turbulent time as a kid. There were friends and their families at that time who were kind enough to give me a sofa for the night. To take me in and get me off the street when things were difficult at home.

This week I found a member of one of those families on FB and was saddened to learn of the struggle Dan and his family have been through with their son Alfie. Due to medical negligence shortly after his birth he has had to live with cerebral palsy. A life changing condition that has left him unable to walk.

After a losing battle with the hospital for the compensation that would have helped them financially provide for the much needed equipment Alfie needs with his ongoing condition. They have turned to fundraising with friends and family.

Can you help Alfie?

My freind is a hardworking man, and he and his wife are doing all they can to raise the funds now needed to get Alfie the one thing that would give him some freedom and control by way of a custom fitted wheelchair that he would be able to use himself. And these things don’t come cheap.

They have started a go-fund-me page to raise the funds for this much needed piece of equipment that would greatly benefit this young man’s life. Even the smallest donation from you would make a big difference.

He and his family are in need of help. As we all are at times in our lives. As they once helped me.

I know any contribution would be greatly appreciated by Dan and his family.

Many thanks.

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