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The trio are off to pre school

At the beginning of September our little energetic troop will be starting pre school.

We’ve chosen the little school that Frankie finished at this year as it’s already familiar to them, and to us. On their first day we will be staying with them for a couple of hours just while they settle in.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they interact with the other children in the group. From our experience of seeing them with other children, we already have an idea of how they will likely behave in that environment.

Ava is definitely the most interested in others. When we go to the soft play she is keen to speak to other children and say hello. Lacey takes an interest but is happy to just keenly whatch what other children are doing. Blakely takes no real notice of anyone and just likes to entertain herself. She is the same at home.

It’s also strange to think we have reached such a big milestone already. Its true what they say, time flies by so quickly. It only seemed yesterday we were bringing them home and starting this journey.

I think we’ve done well to reach this point still in tact as a family. I can’t stress enough how much work it has taken from my wife and I to raise them to be such calm and well behaved girls. And I think I’ve done well to have only aged 10 years in the 2 years they’ve been a part of this family.

It has been incredibly stressful, especially for me as a first time parent. But I’ve done the best I can with my understanding of the importance of love and patience within a family unit.

Frankie will also be starting high school next month. Another big milestone for all of us. It will be a time for her to not only grow in her learning and personal development, but also to navigate the new experiences and peer pressures that life at high school brings.

I don’t doubt she will thrive there. Her kind outgoing nature will hopefully remain a solid foundation for her as she begins her new experiences.

Autumn is a time of unavoidable change. As is our home. Thankfully it’s a happy one for all of us. No matter what life brings.

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