If you are a regular visitor to my blog you will be aware that I have recently released a book.

It’s not a parenting manual, but a personal journey into fatherhood and how I overcame the immense pressures I faced using a free, non religious meditation.

I know from my experience of working with others that there are many new dads/parents out there going into parenthood already suffering from mental health issues, addiction, alcohol problems and anger to name few of the roadblocks to relationships with the children and partners that can manifest from past traumas.

I wrote this book to give hope to those men and women, couples who are overwhelmed with the changes that occur during a pregnancy and arrival of babies.

So now the book is out and I need your help to get it available to anyone who may need it.

Perhaps you work in mental health? Maybe you work within the maternity services? If so I need you to put a word in for me, to make this book known as a real contribution of help to the rise in mental health issues in new dads/parents. Perhaps you know a charity that helps men that could add a simple link on their website.

Children deserve stability from the day they arrive into the world. That love must come from the parents. And I absolutely believe that with the elimination of stress and the destructive behaviours that can manifest from the pressures of parenthood a child will have the opportunity begin life as they should. This book points straight to that solution.

Please help if you can.

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