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2 years of the blog

Two years ago today, sleep deprived and verging on insanity I began this blog.

It became an outlet for me as I struggled to adjust to life with three babies. And it soon became a a place of reference for other dads struggling with the changes they faced. If nothing else to see they are not alone in their struggles.

It has since been voted number 7 in the top triplet blogs on the planet. Which still surprises me as I have kept away from advertising and monetizing it. Not because I’m against it, but because I didn’t want to lose sight of it’s purpose. I have had almost 30,000 visitors in that time, many who come back regularly for a catch up on how we are doing as a family.

I’m truly grateful to all of you who take the time to read my posts and have encouraged me to keep sharing. To those who have found help through accessing the meditation link, I hope you keep meditating, trust me, life will never be the same.

If this blog has become something useful to another it is serving a greater purpose. And I’m happy to have this platform to be of use.

I have also written, and recently published a book on my emotional journey into fatherhood from a life of serious mental illness and alcoholism. And more importantly how I overcame those pressures to bring emotional stability to my family. I believe anything that contributes to a family staying the distance through the massive adjustment of babies can only be a good thing. Here’s the link to Amazon.

Up until 2 years ago I had never written anything in my life. So it has also been a wonderful experience learning a new trade as it were.

I thank you for your time. And if you know anyone may be struggling with the pressures of parenthood. Maybe give them the link to this site, or my book. Not all of us were given the tools to parent with love and patience. But there is always a way if there is a willingness.

2 responses to “2 years of the blog”

  1. Quite the milestone — and good look with your book!

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    1. Thank you, its been a crazy ride. As for the book I hope it does some good for someone

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