Perhaps you know a couple who are facing a pregnancy for the first time, who may already getting lost in the pressures of looming parenthood.

Maybe you know a dad or mum who suffers from anxiety and depression and use drugs or alcohol as a means of coping.

If you do, or are overwhelmed yourself by the strain of children on your relationship, this book is written for you.

Not every couple go into a pregnancy with a clear intuitive approach to what’s ahead. Some are already dragging emotional baggage that if not recognised and dealt with will not only affect their wellbeing, but that of the families, especially the children.

Going into parenthood brings a mass of stress as I discovered. And with a destructive past it became ever more important that I found a way to deal with those in-coming pressures to stop a back slide into anger and fear.

I wrote this book, not as a parenting manual but a personal account of my journey into fatherhood in the hope it benefits others. I’m no parenting expert, but I did have a way to face the stress of a doubling of my family unit in one hit. And that is what I share in this book.

Now available in paperback and ebook from Amazon.

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