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From triples to triplets – the making of a triplet dad

My inspiration to begin writing this blog came from my own struggle to adjust to a new life as a parent coming from a life of self destruction.

To write a book seemed like the next natural progression on my journey.

I felt a father’s experience of the emotional journey taken should be available for anyone to read. The struggles we face are real. And our presence as men in the lives of our children cannot be understated.

Hampered by past fears and forced by my own situation to remain emotionally stable for the sake of my family while facing a life changing event with no idea what was coming. I had pressures to overcome.

I was convinced that the principles of love and tolerance would be enough to keep my family together – and for me to keep my sanity through the most difficult adjustment of my life.

From a past of abuse, alcoholism and a destructive relationship with my own father I eventually came to see the vital changes I would have to make in order to become a loving parent and husband. To be the man my family would need.

This book is a deeply personal account of my experience in becoming a dad. In finding a way to give without expectation, to love without reward. To show through my story that anyone has what it takes to become a better human being when it matters most, no matter what the damage behind them.

From triples to triplets – the making of a triplet dad’ is now available on ebook and in paperback from Amazon.

If you enjoy it, please leave a review on Amazon, would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks again


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