On the 4th of July the triplets celebrated their second birthday. It’s a massive achievement that they’ve made it this far to be so healthy and content. And it also feels like a miracle we’ve maintained our sanity through it all.

Raising triplets is tough. There’s no other word for it. From the pressures of finances to the strain on a relationship. It’s a never ending cycle of change that demands every ounce of our attention.

We are lucky in the sense that our girls are all healthy, many other parents of multiples are dealing with much more than the obvious stresses are faced with.

So to reach this far is an important milestone for us as a family. We’ve come a long way since the day’s of sleep deprivation and onset madness brought on by the massive adjustment to a doubling of our family unit over night.

Ava Lacey and Blakely are thriving. The most difficult job at the moment is keeping them entertained as their minds are firing up and in constant need of stimulation to meet their ever growing curiosities.

As a stay at home dad now (or at least until my health improves) I am getting to share in some incredible moments with them.

Their speech is improving by the week. They now hold hands when we go for walks and are all consciously aware of each other’s emotions. Especially Lacey with Blakely. They care for each other with little gestures and hugs. They share with each other more than they fight.

Their birthday was a real celebration, I found it to be quite emotional reflecting on what we have been through over the last couple of years, it really hit me when I stopped to take in where we are with all of our daughter’s, Frankie included. And on how much they’ve grown.

I’m a proud dad, one that isn’t perfect, and one who doesn’t always get it right but I intend to keep growing as a father, a husband and a human being for their sake. To learn from my mistakes and be an example to them.

And now it’s time to take a deep breath and jump into the trench for the terrible two’s, where my ability to practice patience will be everything.

Wish us luck!

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