I have started a closed fb group for dad’s.

It’s purpose is to be a community of shared experience that deal’s more with the emotional aspects of fatherhood. There are already some fantastic sites already established for multiples. However I want this page to be a little different, with more of a singleness of purpose.

All dad’s are welcome at all stages of fatherhood. No matter how many children you have. Or what pressures you might be under or have overcome. There may be problems with drugs, sex or alcohol that are concerning you. There are recovered men in the group who can help you with those issues.

You may just be finding yourself overwhelmed by your situation. As fathers we all struggle with the job at hand now and again. There will be others in the group who can offer valuable experience.

If you are finding yourself battling with emotions, maybe anger and fear are getting in the way of you becoming the dad you want to be. You will also find solutions within the group. Namely through the non contemplative meditation I share the link to on this blog. There are other dad’s in the group who have found a way to live consciously by using this free exercise.

If you think you could benefit from this group. We’ll see you there. Just search fb for ‘Better men – Better fathers’.

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