In just over a month the trio will be two. As they grow ever more active and curious they are needing more to entertain and stimulate them.

Their personalities are stronger than ever, especially Ava, she’s smart and a little bit of a monkey to go with it, or ‘strong willed’ as I call it. We have found ourselves at the point of starting to discipline them. Nothing harsh but they need to know what is right and wrong, and with three testing the limits it is imperative to our own sanity we are on the ball in dealing with their outbursts and sometimes naughty behaviours.

Ava and Lacey having a bundle, they all get pretty rough with each other

With the new changes they are going through we are adapting to these changes ourselves. Conversation between Stacey and I is regularly about the best ways to deal with them, teach them, and to keep working together in doing so.

Stacey handles most of the new routines whilst I’m at work. For example she has trained them to come down the stairs on bums in single file, another little thing that gets them working together patiently. It also takes some of the physical strain of carrying them in 3 trips up and down the stairs. Plus they are chuffed to bits they can do another thing by themselves.

Navigating new obstacles

We have also started taking them for regular walks on our housing estate. The sooner they learn about crossing the road safely the better, They really have come into their own over the last few months. They seem to be better with people now which is a good thing. Last week we went for lunch with them after getting them new shoes and they didn’t seem to fazed by the attention they were drawing. A few people who stopped even got a smile from them.

Enjoying a run around on the green while learning to safely cross the roads

We live in a constantly changing environment. It’s fun, hard work and relentless at times but we continue to do our best to keep them content and thriving. Frankie is as great of a help as ever and we don’t know what we’d do without her. She has had to adapt to the shifting currents of our family life too, with all the challenges we have faced this year. She is an amazing big sister, the girls are blessed to have such a good role model in their lives.

So life roll’s on. And I still pinch myself when I look at the family I am raising. I have so much to be grateful, and so much to work for. Living with chronic pain gets me down at times, it frustrates me as to how limited my life has become over the last year. But above all of my personal problems there is only one thing that is really of importance. That I raise my family in the principles of love, patience and tolerance. Because I believe what they learn now will shape who they become in the future.


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