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Triplet talk – makes sense to them

On Sunday morning I went in to change the triplets. As I was dressing Ava on the floor who was happily chatting to me, I watched through the bars of the cots to Lacey who was sat on the toy box, and Blakely standing in front of her.

The two were deep into a full blown conversation complete with hand gestures, giggling and the occasional pause for thought. At one point lacey babbled something to Blakely who promptly toddled over to the book shelf, picked out a book, returned and handed it to an ecstatic Lacey.

It’s an amazing thing to watch, unfortunately we have no clue what they are saying. They talk in their own language and it seems They understand each other perfectly.

They are also happy to stand and talk to us, in depth, serious chatting about something that is obviously important to them. We simply return the conversation in the hope they pick up our word’s along the way. Sometimes they get frustrated that we don’t understand their babbling, but that goes both ways at the moment.

We also read to them frequently now, we figure the more they listen the more they’ll take in. Hopefully it’s encouraging them to say more than ‘woof woof’ ‘dadda’ ‘mamma’ ‘uh oh’ and ‘Alexa’. The bedtime routine is a time they enjoy a book the most.

The girls also understand us when we ask them to do thing’s like tidy up toys. Or get their juice bottles. They are just without the ability to talk back.

It’s normal for multiples to be behind on their speaking. Only because they spend so much time focused on each other that they have little reason to talk to us. We’re just there to change nappies, feed and play with them.

I’m told it will probably all change when they begin preschool, when they will be left with no choice but to communicate with other little one’s. I am also told many multiples will also use their own language even into their older years. But for now they are happy and growing ever more connected to each other. And the dog certainly enjoys that someone now makes the time to tell him stories.

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