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Why meditate?

Think about how may times throughout the day you feel agitated. From the moment you wake up til the moment you finally get to sleep. As the stresses of the day and worries of tomorrow whirl around in your stream of thought instead of finding it easy to rest as your body wants you too, you find yourself zoning out in front of a phone or the t.v. Distracting yourself from the noise of your mind. You wake up into the same anxieties and worries. It becomes an exhausting existence.

You may be like I once was before I investigated a way to deal with stress, under the narrow minded presumption that meditation is for hippies, travellers or monks who remove themselves from the world in search of enlightenment. Surely anyone who isolates themselves from the stresses of daily life is going to enjoy peace of mind. unfortunately most of us do not have that choice. Life is in motion, we are in the thick of it and it shows no signs of slowing down.

You may not like the idea of having to become a buddhist or join an Eastern religion in order to find a way to mentally cope with the daily barrage of over thinking driven by the pressures of an unavoidable routine of work or home life, especially if you are a parent.

I mean who has the time for books and study when you spend every waking moment either chasing toddlers around and running a home, or are at work all day. Maybe you were brought up with Christian values and have no interest in riding two spiritual horses going in two different directions. It’s a hurdle many are faced with as the majority of meditation practices derive from the Eastern world.

For many of us the idea of meditation sounds nice, yet completely unrealistic in the hectic lives we live. If you were to go online you find literally hundreds of exercises promoting mindfulness. Yet how affective are these practices of distraction? If you didn’t know I can tell you that most are more harmful than helpful. Let me explain.

Distracting yourself from any problem, such as over thinking, anxiety, stress, depression or just taking a break from an overwhelmingly stressful routine. Is not solving anything. There maybe a momentary detachment from the problem as you visualise your self on an empty beach in the Bahamas – or hypnotizing yourself by focusing on your breathing but nothing really changes. You only feel you are improving but in reality you are only putting yourself further to sleep. Attaching yourself tighter to the underlying problem.

If you are practicing this type of meditation and still short-tempered, or still filled with an anxiety problem you cannot shake, this is why. People reading this who have done anger management courses may still be questioning why the tools they were given are failing them.

In order to solve any problem, firstly you need to see it – to become conscious of it. If asleep and lost in distractions (or unconscious) you will be unaware of the debris of negative energy you collect, from hour to hour, day-to-day.

We really do become pressure cookers unless we can be freed from this constant build up of negative energy called resentment. Without it we would have no internal conflict. Life would become something very different for yourself and those around you, especially your children.

So how do you become free of this force? And remain awake in a position to face the negativity in the stream of life day in day out without being affected, without becoming overwhelmed.

It’s simple. We allow light in to remove it. Sounds bizarre I know, but not that bizzare if you are willing to consider that we a spiritual, as well as human beings, each with the ability to access the opposing force of resentment that exists in this universe.

A force of light that can literally drive out the darkness we accumulate. And this life saving supernatural force of Grace can only be accessed through meditating without contemplating. Without distraction.

If there was ever a case to meditate this way it would be this. That through becoming conscious yourself. You will one day be able to show your children how to also live without harbouring resentment. To live in a way that stress will become a tool to sharpen from instead of a problem that only destroys from the inside out.

I can think of no greater gift to pass on to my daughters as a father.

Here’s the link to the free meditation exercise.

Non-Contemplative Meditation™

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