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Happy holiday’s !

Firstly happy weekend to all of you, if it’s as sunny as it is here in the south of England at the moment I’m sure you too will be making the most of the spring sunshine.

As Easter holiday’s approach, Frankie has finished school for the holiday’s and has been enjoying a break from the classroom and school work. It’s hard to believe this is her last year at primary school. With so much going on at home 24/7 I only really noticed lately how much our little girl has grown up.

So proud of this one, if she stays as caring and kind she will go a long way in life

She has gotten in to her first choice of high school which a good few of her friends will also be attending and she is exited about the move to a bigger school. We’ll see how exited she is when all the homework starts coming in, but for now it’s great to see her so confident. She’s a world away from the shy little girl I first met six years ago.

After a bumpy start to the year with my health and the knock on effects from me being unable able to work, we are now slowly getting back on track. I have been back at work for the last three weeks. Working in a different, less physically demanding role. It has been good to get back to a bit of normality. There have been the occasional day’s I haven’t been able to make it due to flare up’s of pain but for the most I am coping with it better now.

Stacey would never let me be down for too long, not without a slap anyway

My wife has had to deal with a lot over the last few months. It’s been difficult for both of us to understand and find acceptance around. I have found though, as with every other problem that arises in my life, the minute I begin to resent it, I get lost and consumed by that problem. And The problem with my central nervous system has been no different. I got angry with it. Angry that I had no control over it, fearful around work and how I would take care of my family, angry that I was unable to do daily tasks some days. The list goes on and on. Simply put I got infected with resentment and it made our whole situation more difficult. And since seeing it, and letting go of it – as if by magic I am coping better.

My three month’s at home with the triplets awarded me some quality time though. I watched Blakely take her first steps to becoming a toddler. Now all three are into everything, all over the place and full of energy as they have discovered some freedom through becoming mobile. And they love music and dancing.

Dance classes with big sister are a hit

This weekend we are heading away to Stacey’s parents again for the Easter holiday’s. A week away with family and a nice change of environment for the trio. Plus bags more room to run around in and at the moment they have tons of energy to burn off. They still haven’t developed in their speech. Yet they do mouth words along with songs. But they remain only in communication with each other and have some hilarious conversations.

A morning board meeting, topics of discussion, chasing the dog. Trying to eat dogs biscuits without being caught. And hiding from mummy and daddy.

So whatever you’re up to this weekend and over Easter have a great time. Enjoy the sunshine (if you have any) and make the most of what each day brings. Even if that day involves 20 nappy changes and endless bizarre conversations with cunning toddlers who are clearly upping their game.

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  1. Have a lovely Easter break! Love reading your blog xxx

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    1. Thank you Jack, you too x


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