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Baby steps back to normal

I don’t want to end up one of those writers that goes on about their illness all the time, It’s not what this blog is about. It is relevant how-ever to where I am at the moment in life so I promise to make this the last one. And there’s some nice pictures of the triplets if you don’t want to read about my wonky nervous system and what I now know.

So after 3 months of being at home I will be back to work next week. Having now met with the pain clinic and had a clear diagnosis which has given me a better understanding of my condition.

After a difficult six months It will be good to get back to a routine of work and home-life again. Although I’m still taking it in that my life is going to be different from now on. In the simplest terms I have a broken nervous system. And because of the haywire pain signals it is producing, and getting better at producing as it takes on a life of its own, I have been told I have to learn my limitations, in moving around and physical exercise. Not easy with triplet toddlers.

I have a lot to maintain a level of emotional wellness for

I cannot push myself at all as I used to, it will only create flare up’s of immobilizing pain which can take days to overcome. I have been advised by the pain clinic to take baby steps in everything I do. Something I’m not used to doing one bit. I have tons of energy so it will be tricky to adjust.

So my mission, if I choose to accept it, is to find a balance of movement and rest. The management is down to meditation and learning to observe the pain and the horrendous thinking that comes with a flare up of round the clock spinal electrocution and facial burning. While my wife and Frankie are having to do everything to manage the triplets while I wait for attacks to settle down.


On the plus side though, it was explained to me that because I’m relatively fit, and the right weight for my hight and age that I have an advantage. Apparently people over weight who wind up with ‘Central nervous system hypersensitivity disorder’ go downhill very quickly.

It’s going to take a while to get my head around the fact that this bizarre chronic pain is now permanent. An existing minor problem, originally caused within my years of active alcoholism, with only short attacks years and months apart that has now been most likely exacerbated to its current level of intensity since a car accident last summer. (a month after the accident I also got electrocuted pretty badly which probably didn’t help it).

So I’m looking up (slowly) and ready to start getting on with this thing (even slower). At least I have a legend of a wife, and without Frankie helping out as much as she does this would be a whole lot harder.

5 responses to “Baby steps back to normal”

  1. Eileen Powrie Avatar

    Good luck. I used to Find that keeping busy distracted from the pain. Not from the fatigue.

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    1. I think that’s why meditation is so helpful in managing the thinking around it, because I can’t always keep busy. I don’t get fatigue at all with this though which is a blessing with all I need to be doing with these toddlers all over the place


  2. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing x


    1. Thank you, ther’s a lot more over on my instagram – tripletdad.bog

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      1. Rachelle Breault Avatar
        Rachelle Breault

        My prayers are for you and your beautiful family. You already have all the tools needed to live life on Gods terms. Please keep us posted ,you have become such an inspiration for me , on so many levels.Another journey for a very blessed man.

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