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Good day’s and bad

Having been home since Christmas, pain aside I have had the opportunity to spend everyday with the triplets.

I have seen Blakely take her first steps, heard the girls clearly say ‘Mama’ for the first time and been able to see the important changes in the way they play together and interact.

Blakely has found some independence since finding her balance

For identical triplets they are completely different in their personalities. Yet there are many traits they share.

They are very conscious of each other. If one gets a juice bottle, they will get the others and take them to them first before drinking their own.

Ava found a packet of biscotti biscuits, she got them open and shared them equally with her sisters.

If one is upset the other two will comfort them by patting and stroking them. The traits they share seem to be more from a loving connection rather than anything else. They care for each other. For the most anyway.

Being home isn’t ideal for many reasons, and some days are better than others. I have finally been diagnosed with a rare nerve pain disorder in which the pain varies from day-to-day. There is little relief when it flares up. Two days ago I managed to take the girls for a walk. Today I am struggling to move and cope with the pain.

Making the most of the better day’s

It frustrates me sometimes that I struggle with the triplets, to play with them and help Stacey out. The frustration doesn’t help the situation. I’ve never had physical limitations before so I’m still finding my way mentally around this new situation. The meditation is the only real saving grace in dealing with the daily stress of it all. working with the pain clinic will give me a better understanding. I meet with them next week.

But as long as I’m here I am with the most important people in my life. And have ringside seat to the most entertaining show I’ve ever known, and will keep doing my best with home-life a day at a time.

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