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All men are as*holes? The angry mum’s destroying their children

It is a self-evident truth that men and women are different. We live in a world where this truth is becoming less tolerated as genders are becoming blurred to accommodate individual preference and growing trends. Boys are ever more demonized at school for being born with different hormones to girls and encouraged to see it as a bad thing.

I don’t mean men and women should be treated any differently. What I mean is that both have different spiritual qualities that if are consciously guided and nurtured as they grow, will form healthy men and women who will both bring different strengths into their lives, relationships and the families they might go on to raise. A child needs both in their lives.

I recently observed a bitter rant on Twitter from a single mum, with many other’s jumping in to add their agreed poisoned opinion that “They don’t need men in their lives, and all men are assholes” And these women may not want men in their lives for whatever reason, they may well have had experiences that added evidence to their claim. But what about the child? How healthy is it for a child to be raised in an over emotional mud swamp being taught to believe that all men are assholes.

To selfishly neglect a child from having a conscious male in their life will only ever cause damage because it is a decision made in anger and bitterness. And as for the child, the daughters will grow up with an ingrained distrust and anger towards men passed onto them by the woman who should be teaching her how to respect others. These girls will never form healthy relationships because the good men they find they will push away. And they will have to settle for what they understand. Selfish slugs of men who will only reinforce their learned beliefs that ALL men are assholes.

And as for the boy’s raised in the environments of angry mothers? How will they ever grow to have a healthy view of themselves? in short they won’t. The spirit they were born with will be snuffed out as they fight to find their identity in themselves and their place in the world, forever resenting and questioning who they are. They will be set on a path of confusion and frustration born from the anger and bitterness, transferred to them from the woman in their lives who should be raising them to embrace and respect themselves.

To deny a child the presence of a conscious man in their lives and to raise them to believe good men don’t exists amounts to child abuse. It’s no wonder more children are growing to be ever more stressed and confused with this type of pressure placed on them. Growing up is confusing enough in this ever more distracting world. The need for honesty, forgiveness and truth when raising children is needed as much as the two different spiritual dynamics that contribute to their emotional wellbeing.

There are good men and good women in the world, as there are bad. But unless we forgive those who have caused us upset and harms it is always others who will suffer from harbouring our resentments. And some resentments will cause more damage than others.



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