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Flicking through social media today I have read many tragic posts from people suffering from anxiety with the hashtag #MyAnxietyMeans. I write the following as someone who suffered for decades with no real clue as to why I felt the way I did under the surface. And why nothing I was offered as treatment brought any real permanent relief.

To read the experiences of people who have spent years needlessly on medications sharing their experiences of fighting what they believe to be an illness is heartbreaking. Their fight is driven by misinformation and a misunderstanding of a symptom that most professionals are at a loss as to how to treat it. The only real offer of help comes by way of anxiety management therapies, distractions and medications. The first problem is that it is treated as an illness. And it isn’t. It is a symptom.

To solve any problem, you need to understand whats causing it. And until you get to the cause all you have are symptoms. To treat anxiety without resolving the cause is like having a rotten tooth. Yet ignoring the tooth and focusing all energies and time on managing the pain the tooth causes.

Anxiety is a symptom of an internal conflict. Somewhere along life’s journey resentment/fear has pierced you. It happened during an event that caused you to react in anger. That event may be big or small, but either way it caused you to emotionally react, and when you did you allowed a negative force to pierce you. That negative force is resentment. And it is the cause of all the discomfort within you don’t understand. It is the cause of all the negative thinking you experience and the depression that cloaks you. It is the cause of anxiety and being spiritual in nature is why talking cures, therapies, medications only serve to suppress and distract from the underlying resenment and fear you experience and cannot understand.

There are forces of light and darkness in this world, and we are spiritual being’s who are naturally affected by these forces. If you suffer from mental health problems and the angry negative thinking that controls you and causes you to suffer, you will already be aware of this. You are not mad to have questioned your conflicts as being more than anything anyone else would understand.

To recover from anxiety and begin to experience freedom from fear and negative thoughts, all you need is to be freed from resentment/fear. To allow a supernatural force of light to remove it.

Simply notice the lights

This is a link to a unique meditation that will allow that to happen. It’s completely free with no hooks into religion, books to buy or guru’s to follow. And if you are willing to be still, and allow light to remove the darkness in you. To awaken to the state of awareness of yourself and the world around you that you were born with, long before the world corrupted your spirit. Your problem will be solved. In-fact, all of your mental health problems will fall away without any effort on your part.

I have read more than once that there is no magic wand that can undo years worth of suffering.

I’m telling you that there is.

2 responses to “#MyAnxietyMeans”

  1. I always appreciate your view point and experience however I believe this post may be more effective if it were purely your experience rather than preaching that this method WILL cure your anxiety. I believe that much of the anxiety in the world is as you tell it, however I believe there are chemical imbalances also that cannot be cure by mediation.
    Sharing your experience of how this technique cure YOUR anxiety, is much more powerful than telling someone that this technique WILL cure theirs.
    I am much more willing to try something that might work because it has worked for someone else rather than a cureall or panacea. As an alcoholic I rebell from being told what to do. I will find flaws (such as the term for distance light year being used as a measure of time on the page linked to).
    This is just my thought, I will try this but if you want more people to try consider what I have said.

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    1. Hi Barry. It seems something in my post has agitated something in you hence you have perhaps read it as preaching. No-where have I preached. Simply explained anxiety, it’s real cause and offered a solutiuon. If you have read my blog you will have seen plenty of posts in which I share my experience in recovering from mental health problems as well as alcoholism.
      Over the years I have seen many others recover from mental health issues and safely come off dangerous medications through the meditaion exersise I have linked to this page.
      As for the chemical imbalance tripe the theory fell apart a few years ago. There is no proof of chemical imbalances that cause anxieties and deppression. They were theory’s promoted by pharmacutical companies based on no solid proof.
      Rebelling would suggest you are still angry. You stated you are an alcoholic, are you yet to have recovered?


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