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The triplets second Christmas

Back injuries and nerve pain aside. We have made the most of our time away. Even though I was back in hospital having an MRI on new years eve we still made it home in time to celebrate with the family and see 2019 in with a lot of laughter and joy.

Problems aside I can honestly say I have loved being away with my family over the last couple of weeks. The triplets developments in every aspect has come on leaps and bounds with so many others to help out and play with them.

Christmas day morning was special. We only got them a couple of presents each and to see how exited they got that they had more packaging boxes to sit in and some wrapping paper to play with was priceless.

girls presents
Three excited babies

Ava and Lacey have become much more confident, especially in interacting with others and wandering off to do other things. Grandad hasn’t had a moment’s peace, he is now followed everywhere by the two. For Stacey and me this is a good thing. whereas before we were the only one’s who could really pacify them when they were tired, now they are happy with anyone. To be honest they aren’t overly bothered with us as parents, they’d much rather be with other people, specifically following Grandad around, or dancing to the singing Christmas tree in the hallway.

dog bed
Ava and Lacey found in the dogs bed after another little adventure together

Blakely has even taken a few steps on here own. She is not far from catching her sisters up with walking and has now decided that getting dressed or having a nappy changed is worth a fight and a screaming fit. Our little firecracker has returned. And although the smallest is by far the strongest. She also has found new words. specifically ‘Whats that’? Followed by a look of aw. It’s hilarious. They have all become so animated in their characters.

Frankie has also had a break from the babies and had time away to play with her cousin. As a family, to get away this year has been much-needed in the scheme of things. A break from routine and extra help is always appreciated. And Frankie needs the break as much as we do.

b and milo 2
Blakely’s best friend Milo. He gets cuddle whether he likes it or not

We are blessed to have Stacey’s big family to be able to accommodate us and help us out. This weekend we will be heading back and the priority will be getting my health sorted. It won’t be easy on my wife as I am unable to pick up the babies at the moment but I am praying that it gets sorted soon and will do everything to get my strength back.

It’s been a great Christmas despite the problems that have arisen and we have made memories that we’ll cherish.

me and b
Despite the pain and problems there is no place I’d rather be than with my family






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