As the year winds to an end, we look back on our first four seasons with the trio. From New years to another Christmas with a growing sense of achievement, and with a family stronger than ever.

We celebrated their first birthday’s back in July with style and celebrated their first steps not so long ago. We have dealt with the inevitable up’s and downs of adjusting to the changes they have presented us with a patience that resonates in their personalities. We are raising content happy babies in a spirit of love. It was our ideal to work toward right from their arrival into the world. All in all we are doing well as a family who were given a remarkable situation to deal with. And believe me – it isn’t always easy.

morning fun

Raising Ava, Lacey and little Blakely is as fun as it is exhausting. We never tire of watching them develop from week to week with new skills to impress us with. They are a beautiful little tribe. One we couldn’t imagine life without now as we move on in the stream of life.

This time of year also reminds me of the faith that got me through from the day of the first scan. Through a turbulent pregnancy to their safe arrival. As my wife struggled to come to terms with our situation it was down to me to keep a level head for my family. I believed with everything in me that the triplets were meant to be. That God had blessed us with three gifts to be entrusted with. I never once lost sight of the conscious feeling I had around the amazing event that would change everything for us as a family, and as a couple. And nothing has changed me more as a man.

Life goes on, and as I now face a little uncertainty around my future health I am reminded that a little faith can go a long way. That I really need not worry about anything. All I can do is take care of what’s in front of me a day at a time – a moment at a time with a spirit of love. It’s how we have come this far together, and how we will overcome whatever may be ahead.

So from our house to yours – a Merry Chrstmas and God bless x




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