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New shoes! A big milestone

After a week of illness we took the girls out to blow the cobwebs off and get them their first pair of shoes.

Now Ava and Lacey are both walking everywhere, the time came to get them fitted. Blakely is not far behind her sisters on the mobile front and we thought it may help them along a bit.

shoe shopping.jpg
The first of many shopping trips no doubt.

To be honest I’m amazed how far the trio have come on in their development, it was only this time last year we were still sleep deprived and the girls were still being breastfed. Now they are off in all directions and we need eyes in the backs of our heads to keep tabs on them. It’s literally like trying to herd cats!

Lacey picking shoes
“Don’t rush me Dad, il let you know when I find some I like”

Ava is definitely the most confident of the three when it comes to putting one foot in front of the other, And she absolutely loves the fact she can get around on her own now. She is little miss independent in every respect. On the Sunday we went to a Christmas carol service and afterwards she trotted halfway up the street holding Mum’s hand and beaming with pride. I love how exited they get about the small things. To them it’s all great big achievements.

Ava's fitting
Ava quite liking this style

Blakely is also benefitting from shoes as her little feet don’t quite sit flat, she now stands much better in them, and she got pink one’s so she’s made up! She does toddle about the sofa and is not far from standing unaided, but she’s in no rush. She’ll get there when she’s ready.

Blakely fitting
Little chicken happy with the pink one’s

So begins a new chapter, of chasing babies around all over the house. We are looking forward to Christmas this year though. A long break away at Grandma’s house with loads of room for them to go mad in. And a chance for Stacey Frankie and me to relax a bit.


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