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The futile struggle with stress

I once believed I had the power within me to deal with everything that came my way. To be the man with all the answers. As problems surmounted in the stream of life, the more overwhelmed I gradually became. And the more pressure I felt to deal with my problems the harder I fought. The bigger my pride got the harder it became to admit I was getting bogged down by stress.

I can only speak for myself but I had a big hurdle in the face of my struggles, I never want to admit that I was finding life hard. To me it was a sign of weakness. This prideful – ego driven attitude only pushed me further into conflict with myself. No man likes to admit defeat, especially within himself. The only relief came from distracting myself from my problems. Yet nothing ever got resolved, no matter how drunk or stoned I got.

I remained on a roundabout for years of battling with my problems and only being pulled further into the negativity of my situation. Looking for solutions and resenting each failure to find a way to live free from the pain I was causing myself.

I resented that I was struggling to cope. And that the more I struggled the worse my problems seem to get.

Life is supposed to be challenging, we cannot avoid stressful situations and people who bring emotional upset our way. All these events we face daily, bring with them a temptation to react. And each time we do we are pulled into an emotional struggle of resenting and judging within ourselves. That was my problem – it always had been.

Since becoming a parent to triplets I have found the pressures relentless, and I cannot allow myself to get pulled under constantly by rising negative emotions. The weight that would put on my family would be too much for them to carry.

In the past I struggled with depression, alcoholism, anxiety, mental health, addictions, my negative thinking and a failing of all of my personal relationships as a direct result of suppressing fears and resentments. It was an exhausting existence, fighting to deal with all of that insanity under the surface and try to look outwardly okay (believe me, most of the time I didn’t).

I discovered there is a simple solution to meeting life pressures without running. And it is not to struggle or fight, or to assert any willful effort at all to try and personally resolve any conflicts I was experiencing.

The answer was to do nothing. Just sit still and do absolutely nothing. To simply wake up and become conscious through this very special metaphysical meditation exercise.

If you are willing to meditate using this unique Non contemplative meditation you will almost instantly discover the solution to dealing with stress. You will also discover what has been causing your inability to manage.

And the solution lies in the present moment. In the ability to just watch the temptation to struggle from the meditative state.

This is a life changing proposal.

This is how to get there……….

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