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There are many ways to describe parenting. Relentless is just one of them. Becoming a parent to triplets is consuming. There is little or no life beyond work and caring for three dependant babies.

There has been no social life outside of the home since their arrival. My wife and I almost live in a bubble now. Of late the girls have all been through an illness which threw us back into sleep deprivation and served as a stark reminder of how tough this job can be at times.

Amongst the trials of parenting and home relationships it can be easy to feel isolated from a world beyond our home. There is always a temptation to resent our situation. Which is why it is so important that we work together as a family to pull through the lows we all experience.

Right now the girls are 16 months old, and the gravity of the change in our lives has been immense. Yet we still manage, because every child needs to thrive in a loving environment with stability from the two people who influence them the most. It is this knowledge that I  remain conscious of daily.

I can confirm that it doesn’t get easier. What happens is that my wife and I just adapt to the momentum and changes life with multiples bring.

And above it all the triplets are happy content babies. Which is a reminder through the harder times that we are achieving the ideal we work towards. To bring them up in a loving home, relatively free from stress where they are free to develop with confidence and strength. And they amaze us each and everyday





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  1. I don’t know whether it does get easier or whether you just become stronger and able to absorb it all. I know that the painful thing for me was when it all came to an end. Over two years I went from full time mother and often bread-winner to some mad kind of dervish driving around the country to catch sight of one or the other for a couple of hours.

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