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Frankie – an interview with big sister

Life is different for all of us since the arrival of the trio. The changes that happened over night have affected us all in different ways as a family. And how we work and find time for each other.

For Frankie, as she now approaches her Eleventh birthday, she has been nudged somewhat from the spotlight, as the demands of the triplets consume most of our time. Life now revolves around them. Yet she has adapted amazingly well over the last year. Although not obliged to help out she is alway’s happy to help with her sisters.


As  parents we both had obvious concerns as to what the impact would be on Frankie. As an only sibling, having to make way for three more in one go it could have become a troublesome situation with ongoing issues. But we needn’t had worried. We are both incredibly proud of the maturity and understanding she has shown towards the changes.

We have been meaning to do this post for a while. To give Frankie’s experience, straight from the horse’s mouth as it were. In doing so she thought it may help other children with brothers or sisters arriving, know that it’s going to be okay.

Here are Ten question’s I put to her –

What was it like for you before the babies arrived ?

F –  Quiet. It wasn’t invaded with baby stuff. We used to be able to watch a film together every Sunday. And we used to go to the park every weekend.

What was it like finding out you were to be a big sister to triplets ?

F – Traumatic. It was a big shock. But once I got over the shock it was a bit exciting.

Did it worry you that they would take all the attention ?

F – Yes. because I thought that when friends came to play they would want to just see the triplets and not play with me.

And has it been like that ?

F – Sometimes.

How did you cope with that ?

F – I think they’ll just get bored with them after while because their babies and they can’t play much anyway.

How much has life changed ?

F – A lot. It’s changed because I used to be an only child and the house has been overtaken with babies and baby stuff. And before they were born we got to do more together as a family, like get out the house more.

What is the most annoying thing about having three little sisters ?

F – That they take all the attention from you and Mummy.

What has been the hardest change for you ?

F – Getting used to having three sisters. Because I thought I was only having one brother or sister, and I found out I was having triplets.

What has been the most fun ?

F – Having triplets, playing with them, bath time and looking after them. They are lots of fun.

Have Mum and me changed ?

F – Yes, You’ve changed in the way that you get tired from the babies and sometimes get frustrated, but you can’t help being tired when you are getting up in the night.

What could we do better ?

F – Nothing really, you can’t help being tired.

What advice would you give to any children worried about the arrival of more babies in their family ?

F – I’d say there’s nothing to be worried about, because once they’re born you’ll have so much fun. Especially when they start to get older and communicate and talk and play with you. And they won’t annoy you as much as one baby would, because they have each other.







2 responses to “Frankie – an interview with big sister”

  1. What an amazing girl she is. Her maturity and selflessness shine through. The babies are very lucky to have a big sister like Frankie xxx

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  2. She’s a true super star. What a mature and caring big sister 💗


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