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Three ‘tuned-in’ monkeys

It’s 1.30am, I wake up to the sound of Ava giggling through the monitor. Her giggling is followed by squeaking and babbling from another awake baby. Within seconds all three are wide awake, chatting and giggling away in the dark of their room.

This goes on for around half an hour before suddenly they go quiet. And as fast as they woke up – they are back to sleep.

It happens occasionally, maybe more than we know. My wife has also heard them having a midnight mothers meeting. They are now frequently communicating, and God only knows what they are planning. My guess is the best way to get over the stair gate and up the stairs. These babies are on a constant mission.


The girls are at a stage in their development where interaction with each other is constant, especially now they are crawling together. They are like a cub-pack following each other around. And if one’s crawling in front, they will always stop to check the other two are following behind them. No one gets left behind.

They share toys, and share babbling conversations ,which obviously means something to them. They also play peekaboo with each other. If Ava or Lacey is lying on the floor tired, Blakely sit next to them and stroke them while saying – “aaaah”. These babies are funny to watch. Blakely also washes her sisters in the bath. She’s very caring. They all are.



It’s wonderful that they are growing and sharing together. They are a right little bunch of monkeys who seem to be completely in tune with each other. All very intelligent as they are mischievous.

I’ll leave you with a quick development update –

Ava and Lacey are walking with a stroller

Blakely has figured out her whole finger fits up her nose.

2 responses to “Three ‘tuned-in’ monkeys”

  1. Wow .. fascinating. You’ll be busy with that squad. But amused too!


  2. Fantastic.x


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