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One Year of writing

A year ago today I launched this blog. My reasons for starting it were mostly because I was sleep deprived, and it seemed a good way to document an experience felt I was forgetting. The other reason was that It may help inform others who may be expecting. After all I had no idea what was coming my way and I thought it may be useful.

I didn’t plan it, or think ahead as to how it would turn out. If nothing else it would be something for us as a keepsake. I didn’t want to miss a minute of that first year. At times it kept me afloat, when I was struggling it helped me stay connected to what was around me. It kept me close to my purpose, of taking care of my family.

I discovered I enjoy writing. I don’t have an academic background or much knowledge on the craft but non the less found it a way to Express what I was going through. And as a result It has been a way to reach out to many who were, and are, struggling themselves from resentment and fear surrounding Fatherhood. Writing of the darker elements of what I have been through I have hopefully opened the lid on what some men really go through. To me it is whats important. I purposely stayed away from advertising and monetizing it as I didn’t want to lose focus of why I write.

I never expected to get as personal as I have, and in that sense it has been a cathartic exercise. I’m not perfect but am always willing to grow. The main ingredient to becoming a Dad is a willing to change, I see this need for improvement constantly in myself now.

I began writing a book at the beginning of the year, that I am now at the tail end of finishing. It goes much more in-depth to my experience stepping into Fatherhood. A book that has been hard at times to write, and not just because I work full-time and we have three babies at home to take care of. My hope is that it informs and inspires any man walking this path. To see that it is possible to pull through the rougher times of the early days, and become and remain a loving, stable presence in his children’s and families life. No matter what path his life took before Fatherhood.

Il leave you with this photo of my little chickens. Who have inspired me to be a better man, for them, my wife and Frankie. I truly thank all of you who follow me and take the time to read my ramblings. And to all of you who send messages of thanks, encouragement and support.





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