Going shopping with triplets is a full-on mission that needs to be planned with military precision. It’s a little easier with two of us. But flying solo around the supermarket with a baby strapped to you while pushing the other two can be hard work, and a strain on the back muscles now they are growing,

Friday we received a message from the management at our local Tesco store, who after receiving a request for help informed us that they ordered a custom-made triplet trolley especially for us. Saturday we were met at Tesco with a chariot for three full of balloons and a hamper full of goodies for the triplets. I got to say it was impressive, the trolley was even decorated with coloured bunting. And it handles like a dream!

Happy shoppers

Being at home can be isolating with three babies, and getting out alone can be stressful without help. So for my wife this is a bit of a life-line. She has even been given a number to call when she gets to the store to have it brought out to her.

It’s the little things that help in our situation and Tesco have done us a real solid. Now my girls can all go shopping hassle free, and spend Daddy’s money happily while I’m at work in the week. Happy wife – happy life, so thank you Tesco.

bottles b & w.jpg






  1. I’m really impressed! Wouldn’t dream of any shop in belgium even lifting a finger for customer service in general, never mind triplets!


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