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Impending chaos x3

Imagine placing three wild cats in a bathtub, trying to shampoo them, then organising them on the bed to dry and dress them while they fight to wriggle off in any direction whilst laughing at you. This is where we are now.

“Sufficient to the day is one baby. Don’t ever pray for twins, twins amount to a permanent riot, and there aint no real difference between triplets and an insurrection” – Mark Twain

The triplets have become more demanding and active over the last month. Their development has come on leaps and bounds as they mimic little things we do and fight to become more mobile than they actually are. The triplet situation has stepped up a notch in every department, including teething. They are still happy and contented, still sleeping through 12 hours (thankfully), yet there awake time is already bordering on a small riot. One my wife will be having to police single-handedly while im at work during the week.

Blakely – still the most chilled

Ava and Lacey seem to be head to head in development. Ava is especially switched on when it comes to mimicking and co-ordination, also boisterous and excitable. She is now pulling herself up to her knees after realising standing with help is possible, she’s on the move. Lacey is intelligent in figuring things out, like how to get toys off her sisters by dangling other things in front of them to distract them. She inquisitive and bright, a little smarty pants already.

Blakely is still a little behind the others but only by weeks. She will play happily with one object or toy without getting bored with it. She may the smallest but has no problem in getting something back from her sisters if need be, she has a feisty streak. She was known as the firecracker for the first few months of her life due to her ability to go from zero decibel to a thousand in a heartbeat. She has since chilled and remains happy to just sit and observe the world, usually from Mum or Dad’s lap.

It’s fascinating to see their personalities grow and change. Before they were born people use to tell me three babies was going to be a nightmare, now they say “wait til they start moving, your screwed”!. So in a way things are going to become more challenging without a doubt. But Stacey and I will take it in our stride and adapt as we’ve had to the last year. With triplets the stages don’t get any easier, it’s our continual adjustment to meet them that makes it workable. Patience is everything, a sense of humour crucial.

Every day is one to absorb and learn from, and the one thing that’s for certain, we have some seriously good entertainment to get us through.

What a difference a year makes


3 responses to “Impending chaos x3”

  1. The triplets are adorable! It’s so fun watching babies develop and learn new things and you have that joy threefold! Wishing you good luck for when they start moving – you’re going to need it! #ThatFridayLinky

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  2. It’s wonderful watching babies grow and learn – and you have that joy threefold! Good luck for when they start moving more. #ThatFridayLinky

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  3. Fab family picture 🙂


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