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A very special Father’s day

For the last four years Frankie has spoilt me for Father’s Day. After losing her biological Dad it has become a day that is very special to her. She gets exited that we have a day to celebrate our relationship, and for me it means the same.

I’m still in awe of how well she has adjusted to making way for three little sisters, who although stealing most of our attention loves them as we all do. They literally light up as soon as Frankie walks in the room.

My relationship with Frankie has taken work. And the effort and attention has paid off for both of us.

This time last year my wife was on bed rest from carrying the triplets. We were almost at the elected arrival date. Our last Father’s Day was spent in the paddling pool, talking about how different life was about to get.

Any concerns I had about how Frankie may feel about the arrival of the babies left the first day she met them. She really is a fantastic sister and help to Mum and me. We are incredibly proud of her.

This Father’s Day was a special one, my first as a Father of four. I was treated out for lunch and the triplets were on their usual best behaviour. It was a lovely afternoon out with family.

There’s really is no telling the difference a year can make. I no longer spend time wondering where we may be in the future or second guessing what life may bring. Staying present and awake to what’s in front of me is the only place in time I need to be. To be present for my family is the greatest gift I’ve ever discovered. And nothing brings more of an honour than to be called Dad.

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  1. Frankie is a very special girl, kind and loving. The triplets couldn’t have.had a better big sister. Xx

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