love – Patience – Tolerance

Chilled parents – content babies

My wife and I made a conscious effort to work together to bring the triplets into a calm environment. Or as calm as it can be in the eye of the tornado that is adjusting to life with three dependant new life’s counting on us, plus our eldest daughter to consider.

Throughout the pregnancy I was more than aware that my wife was dealing with a mass of conflict and depression, as well as massive physical and hormonal changes so it was down to me to hold the house together.

Stress throughout a pregnancy can create a range of serious complications to an unborn child, as well as Mum. So Dad has much to remain conscious of during a highly stressful few months. My wife later told me the one thing she didn’t ever worry about was me.

Believe me I went through my own emotional upheavals but I didn’t burden her with it. She needed strength from me. I needed her as calm as possible for her own health and that of our unborn triplets. There would be plenty of time to talk when the time was right.

My intuition around the importance of my patience with her paid off ten fold. The triplets arrived healthy and my wife’s depression and fear left the day she held them. She was free to step into her role as Mum and give her complete attention to the babies. My job once again to support her. And so the triplets came into a loving environment free from the electric force of stress.

Everything we do as far as parenting is discussed and agreed on by both of us. The level of teamwork needed can’t be weighed down by feuds and arguments, our life has become raising the girls with love, nothing is more important than the relationship my wife and I work to maintain.

Our home is one of laughter, lots of it, if landing triplets doesn’t give you a sense of humour nothing will.

The girls are coming up a year and are content and developing well without any issues or concerns. The reason we believe is that they are not exposed to daily stress and negative emotions from us as parents. We have had to grow and change in ourselves. The rewards of our efforts now reflecting in the spirits of the triplets who continue to light up our lives.

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