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Triplets first (little) holiday

We finally managed to get the time in for a long weekend break with the triplets to north Devon. Only a couple of hours drive, but far enough away from home in another part of England to feel a distance from everyday life.

It’s taken serious planning and organising to be able to take them away. Firstly arranging a villa that was big enough to accommodate us and all the gear we need for a few nights away. My wife has done an amazing job in this department.

It’s been especially nice for Frankie as her cousins and Stacey’s sisters also came, so she has had other activities and fun to have that is free from helping us out with the babies.

As expected we had to keep them to their routine as much as possible, they have become creatures of habit and too much of change in routine can mean a night of grouchy babies and a tired Mum and Dad.

All in all they settled lovely and slept their usual 12 hours on the first night. They have been swimming which is something they really enjoy. And for us it’s been fairly relaxing, as it can be anyway. The babies demand constant care but for us it’s a normal part of our lives. It’s been good to relax and catch up with family in the evenings and spend quality time away from home.

If only a short break it’s a good trial run in a sense; to see how the babies adjust to being away and what we can get away with in dealing with their routines. It’s good to know we can go away in the future for longer and still all enjoy that time. The triplets are content and settled enough to make this possible.

we have a couple of days left and will be making the most of the sunshine, making memories with our not so little family.

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  1. Well done! We haven’t dared yet take the plunge. But for us it would also be a long car ride or ferry as we’d be travelling from Belgium to the UK since we’d like to use the occasion to have them meet the English side of the family. Happy for any recommendations for lettings… Its hard to find things suitable for our complicated logistics


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