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Play time

There are two times in the day of my working week that make it all worth while. Play time with the triplets, before and after work.

It’s the time I get to interact with them and see for myself their development as they play together. It doesn’t matter how tired I am or what else is going on in the stream of life. It’s my time for bonding and having fun with my little chickens.

Each morning I’m usually awake before them, it gives me a chance to meditate and get ready for the day. Then when they wake up I walk into three beaming smiles and lots of babbling. It’s the most uplifting experience. Parents will understand.

We play in the morning before my wife takes over, then in the evening I come home to more baby madness, Lacey is now saying Ma-ma. She has also said Da-da a couple of times. It’s heartwarming.

To be in this environment must look bizarre from the outside. But there is nothing but love in this house. It’s not hard to be here, as difficult as it felt in the beginning there is a rhythm to the way it runs. It takes working together as a family. We all have roles.

Looking back at the pregnancy I’m glad I put the time and effort into bonding with the triplets before they arrived. It was important for me to do that for many reasons. You can read about it here

This journey is just amazing in every sense. And these moments I get alone with my daughters are ones I cherish the most.

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  1. Loving the selfie! Cheeky smiles all around

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