Being over emotional is not a virtuous trait. Whether it’s sobbing at anything on the tv with a Coldplay song in the background; coaxing you to send money or get your vote, or believing any old argument that’s purposely delivered with passion so to sway your opinion regardless of truth or facts is just nuts.

Leaving yourself wide open to be influenced or offended by anything or anyone that causes something internal to move you to react with either excitement or fear isn’t good. You’ve given up your natural ability to discern true from false. You’ll become owned by the events and people around you and probably have no idea it’s happening.

Staying awake in the stream of life is how we navigate our way safely and keep ourselves in a neutral place of protection. Free to make our own decisions, not influenced by others. It’s even possible to remain outside the sheep pen with your brains in tact.

We are not supposed to live manipulated by the world or anyone in it, pulled around by negative forces. The right thing to do should be a natural motivator coming from a place of consciousness, rather than being driven by bitter emotional forces stirred by the injustice we see around us.

People who suffer, be it from anger problems or anxiety disorders are under the lash of the emotional force of resentment. Management seems like the only option but it doesn’t remove the underlying problem. These men and women are pulled by external conditions that are controlling them, it’s never the other way around – it never will be.

I lived a lot of my life driven by extreme emotional responses. Fear and excitement made my life decisions for me while I got dragged along constantly resenting the bad choices I always made. Self was always the motivator, and when self is at the centre even when the motives seem good, my decisions in life never ended well.

It became clear to me that if I was to succeed in life, my emotional attachments to everything that aggravated, exited or angered me had to be severed. I had to become neutral. Meditation allowed me that opportunity to become an observer to rising emotional energy, so I could make clear decisions based on intuition rather than emotion.

Nothing has created more temptation for emotional responses than becoming a Father, firstly during a high risk pregnancy then adjusting to life with triplets. I knew I had to be consistent with my wife and daughter and also aware of the constant internal barrage of fear and excitement in myself. My patience was tested as was my faith, it always will be. Emotional balance and maintaining it has become my priority.

As I look ahead I’m more aware than ever my need to be solid. Partly because I’m raising four daughters who will one day be overrun with their own hormones and erratic emotional responses (toddlers and teenagers). How I respond as a Father is everything to my relationships with them. My patience and ability to stay awake to the temptation to get pulled into emotional negativity is all I need to be concerned about.

So I have made a commitment to staying neutral. Because there I can be of use. I don’t want to end up the man who falls apart at every hurdle, continually upset from the days events.

Grounded is where my family need me. Consistent in myself, present for their needs and unaffected by the negativity in the world or those in it.

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