This is my Mum the morning of our wedding in Dubai. It was touch and go whether she would make it out as she had been getting gradually worse in health. Her sister – my Auntie liz who we lost before the triplets were born flew out with her to celebrate our day. A month after the wedding Mum was taken into hospital where she stayed without a diagnosis. Three months later she was finally diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that had spread to her brain. My wife and I sat with her while she was given that news, it was devastating. She was moved that day to a different hospital on a specialist unit to begin treatment.

She fought. She sat in tears and told me she wasn’t done. There was more she wanted to do. It was a heartbreaking time for all of us. The odds were not looking good.

By some miracle she began responding to the treatment and little by little improved. There was light beginning to shine through. My Mum’s a tough cookie. She has been through the wringer of life and has never been knocked down by it. I respect her strength.

Today she has been completely discharged by the doctor after making a full recovery. And although sadly we lost her sister who never made it to meet the triplets. Mum is here and going strong as Nanny to our girls. It’s a wonderful day for Nanny Sarah and wonderful that the triplets, and we have her in our lives.

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