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The last of the stationary triplet days

A Dad I know once said that the early stage of Babies is the best, because they stay where you plonk them and they don’t answer back.

In just a few weeks it’s astonishing how fast the developments and changes in character are occurring. We clearly have three very different little ladies now.

It is also a year since the 18 week scan in which we found out the mono twins were girls. Seems a lifetime ago now.

Lacey has discovered rolling and pushing her knees up under herself. She will be on the move within a couple of weeks. She also communicates by smiling and shaking her head at Stacey. She is also the first to have teeth through. Lacey seems ahead of the pack in little ways. Stacey is putting daily work into each of them, in finding new skills to learn with one on one time.

Ava is definitely the cheeky one. She is energetic and nicely vocal with it. If you blow fart noises at her, you’ll get them back. She’s incredibly alert as they all are. She has an infectious giggle, and loves to promptly throw whatever you give to her on the floor. This is her favourite trick, funny at the moment but I can see it wearing off pretty quickly.

Blakely is the most chilled, patient one of the three. Originally nicknamed ‘the firecracker’ due to her being able to go from 0-101 in a heartbeat, we’re talking loud. Then one day she just seemed to change, and the temperature dropped. We were all happy about that particular development. Blakely also has teeth coming through.

They all absolutely love bath time. As do I, it’s my favourite part of the day. Stacey pumps while I spend that time with them each night. It’s our daily bonding time. And we always listen to good tunes.

As a Dad, new to the experience of babies. I’m genuinely amazed by them. They are, for the most a chilled little bunch. I didn’t think the time would go so fast.

We are constantly planning the next stage as parents, staying a step ahead. It seems to be the way that’s working. My wife and I work to stay on the same page with everything concerning the babies and our home arrangements.

It is tough at times, we’re still tired from it. But we’re managing well. Its a case of having to, any problems get solved quickly.

So things are changing fast here, and when another parent tells me it’s going to be a nightmare when they begin crawling, I have no reason to disbelieve them.

10 responses to “The last of the stationary triplet days”

  1. Good luck once they all start moving! Having one or two mobile little ones was hard enough, so I can’t imagine trying to contain three new crawlers all at once…

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    1. Thanks, it’s definitely going to go up a gear in our house. The play pen is being ordered this week. Containment is our only hope

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  2. Cherish each and every moment/ phase, yes they do come with challenges, but good ones memorable ones, I only have the memories of son during those phases which wasn’t that long ago. However you have three I can only imagine the excitement that’s on the horizon.

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  3. We got a baby jail for ours.. I’m sorry, Play Yard. I twas a large contraption that kept them in a 5′ radius. Was a tight fit with us in there, but it kept our twins out of harms way while we did things like cook or go to the bathroom. With some creative use of other objects, we kept that thing useful until they were starting to climb. Look up North States Superyard if you’re interested.

    Otherwise, good luck. The mobility doesn’t always come as quickly as you’d expect. Both of my boys were on their knees and rocking for weeks before one learned he could belly crawl.

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    1. Mum used to put herself in the playpen whenever she used her sewing machine. We all ran amok on the outside of the playpen. We were not triplets but we’re very close in age!

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  4. I must be amazing to see them all learning new things and developing their own personalities. I bet they’ll keep you on your toes when they start moving! #blogcrush

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  5. Alice Letters to my Daughter Avatar
    Alice Letters to my Daughter

    Adorable! I love that they’re all so chilled, and they look so happy!
    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂

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    1. Thankyou, I will collect it when I figure out how, not very tech saavy. Still haven’t worked out linkys yet


  6. So sweet! I have 17 month old triplets and honestly, for the triplet situation, I thought it got easier when they moved! Once they could crawl, we began practicing the stairs…just a few steps at a time. They mastered the stairs early on and it was AMAZING because I stopped going up and down the stairs three times for everything and started saying “follow mama” and then walking up the stairs behind them as they all crawled up. I love being able to say, “go to your high chair” and have them wait for me to put them in their seat. Same with getting in the car, “follow mama” and they head out to the garage and hang out by the door they typically get in. There are days they are running in 3 different directions but they are doing pretty great following me since we “practice” a lot! I hope when your girlies are on the move you’ll have some more ease too. 🙂

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    1. Sounds like you have it sorted. Ours are only crawling backwards at the moment, they haven’t quite found first gear. I have a feeling it won’t be long though. It’s fascinating to watch them develop


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