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Freedom from anger and depression

With growing rates of mental health problems affecting young men and women, it is ever more important that a real solution be found for the stability of a family unit. Even for the families with parents that have already split, the need to remain emotionally consistent with the children and each other must be paramount.

Men especially can feel backed into their own corners, from the pressures of parenting, home life, relationships, existing health problems and work, many turn to medications and other conscious numbing drugs and foods like alcohol as a solution.

Anything that distracts and numbs the conflicting forces of guilt and anger can be abused and create harmful obsessive behaviours that can become life threatening.

For many of us, we end up responding to stress, the same as the fathers that failed us did. We become overwhelmed and over-emotional. Anger begins to get passed us as the pressures mount, and with a continued failure to meet the barrage of stressful situations in the stream of life, our agitation affects those closest. We begin to resent our situation. Life becomes a struggle of failing emotional management and unhappy relationships.

The problem with numbing consciousness, is that it also numbs any clarity, I lose sight of whats in front of me. I could never have dealt with any of my issues while under the influence of anything. When medicated I was nothing more than a sleepwalker. At times I felt okay. But A false sense of wellness is like thin ice over a lake. Looks together on the surface but the cracks eventually begin to appear. And I always fell through.

A parent needs to be present. And it is possible to strengthen from stress rather than become ground up by it, creating more problems.

A few years ago I was medicated to stabilise my moods. It was the usual story of a change in meds giving me temporary relief. But Olanzapine, like most mood altering chemicals had me fast becoming a zombie. I was constantly exhausted, mentally I began feeling unstable as agitation started to become a real problem. I struggled to sleep. The constant anger rising was concerning me again.

I had no reason to be feeling that way. On the outside my life was good. Taking meds just turned me into a pressure cooker. I had a soon to be wife and stepdaughter at home relying on me as well as full-time work.

As a recovered alcoholic I was more than aware of the sinking sand I was in. In desperation I began to look for anyone who could help me.

Out of pure chance I contacted a stranger through fb, whom gave the impression he knew what he was talking about when it came to emotional and spiritual stability. I instantly got angry at his brutal honesty with me. He was exposing my phony wellness for what it was. I didn’t like that. In doing so he also exposed the problem, my anger. Everyone was getting my back up.

He left a number, and it was my wife who convinced me to call him back. The reason being he offered me a solution to the anger that kept getting past me. He didn’t try to sell me anything, or convince me of anything.

He simply pointed to a meditation exercise that led to a solving of his own problems. He told me that if I got free from anger, all the symptoms, like depression and anxiety would also fall away without any effort or struggle.

Sounded too simple. Although not convinced I was becoming desperate. I couldn’t stomach anymore therapy and didn’t want to find myself in the mental health system again playing with more medications.

All I was told to do when beginning the meditation was to ‘watch’ my thoughts, To observe them without being affected by them, he explained when I meditated I would be in a neutral position to do this. The most of my problems after all, are fed by my over thinking.

I have used this particular meditation now everyday since. I was able to safely come off the medication with the support of a doctor within weeks. My wellbeing and mental health improved drastically and rapidly after a short adjustment to a new state of consciousness.

It doesn’t mean life is not difficult, it just means I approach those difficulties from an awake and aware perspective. I deal with life and relationships consciously without the emotional strain.

All it took was an open mind and a commitment to a spiritual approach to my problems. To practice conscious awareness through a simple observation exercise. I was also warned that it’s not a toy. It is metaphysical in nature.

The man who helped me became a good friend. He and his wife are one of the pairs of God parents to the triplets. Had I not crossed his path I believe my life would be very different now.

A very proud Godfather

So I pass this on to anyone suffering who needs a quick, permanent solution to anger, depression, over thinking, and other internal conflicts that are creating ongoing mental and physical problems.

If you are struggling and are still yet to find a solution. This may be the life changer you’ve been looking for.

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