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Love at the centre

For a home to become a thriving environment for everyone, there needs to be a spirit of love at the centre of it. That doesn’t mean it will be without stresses and tensions. But if the stresses and tensions are met properly, with patience and tolerance, everyone has a chance to grow.

The challenges facing new parents can be overwhelming at times. I don’t believe our marriage would have survived had I not been willing to outgrow my fears and stay out of self pity. Not an easy job when suffering from lack of sleep while my wife was adjusting to her new role. And me mine.

As men we need to be prepared to take a back seat in the early days. My wife was so focused on breastfeeding and taking care of the Babies, she had no time to hear of my worries and doubts. At times I felt on the outside looking in. It was tough. I had to work while my wife and mother in law took care of the triplets. Through tiredness and being unable meditate properly I began to resent that I couldn’t be at home. Doubts about our relationship and future began to creep in. Luckily I was able to just observe those negative thoughts without reacting to them.

As Dad, I had a very specific role. It is to remain consistent. My wife and I discussed this earlier. Women go through all sorts of physical and emotional upheavals. Hormones play a part in the moods and stress, as do their own fears and doubts. I had to be awake to that. I’ve said before that nothing she threw at me was personal, even if it was.

She told me one of the things that got her through was that she knew I was solid. That I could take the strain when she couldn’t. To baton down the hatches during the rough moments, instead of biting into the temptation to retaliate was the best thing I could have done. The last thing she would have needed was seeing me overwhelmed and over emotional. A woman needs to feel secure when she feels anything but at times. There are always opportunities to talk clearly after the storms.

I have to be focused on what I need to do. For the sake of the family they need me strong. My job is to practice patience and tolerance. When I’m calm, the house stays calm. My wife is happy and my daughters feel that.

5 responses to “Love at the centre”

  1. i really enjoyed reading this post, and you were on point with most of the things you said. yes women go through alot emotionally , and its important that a man truly understands this above all else, i did write a post some time about ” understanding the claw” you can check it out as it speaks about the trials we go through during the premenstral period. oh and the title speaks volume ” love at the centre” love truly has to be at the centre in a relationship. keep those post coming i truly enjoy reading your blogs.

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    1. Thankyou, I will take a look when I’m graced with a free moment 😊

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  2. Hi TripletDad, you nailed exactly my feelings when I was raising my twin boys. I realized I had to be strong to keep my family together. I found your blog shared in my FB group at the Dads Network. I’m very grateful as I too have a distant, mentally unstable father and gone through my own 12 step recovery. I’m now about to have my 4th daughter due this July. You are encouraging me and thank you for staying strong and faithful. God bless bro!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m pleased you have found something of use here. And congratulations and all the best for your new arrival in July.

      God bless to you and yours


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