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8 Months in & blessed

Tomorrow the triplets will be 8 months old. I’m finding it more and more difficult to imagine how my life was before they arrived. It is as if every moment in my life led to the next, solely for the purpose of learning lessons, growing and evolving emotionally and spiritually to the point I was ready to be a Father. And although this was never planned. I was prepared for it.


When I step back and process our life over the last year or so, the road has definitely narrowed in every sense. There is nothing outside of my work and babies at this point. And the best thing is that i don’t resent that, i feel in my element, finally serving a beautiful purpose. There was definitely a time when i would have done though. But the difference of my life lived with faith, is that when the unexpected happens, it is always a opportunity to outgrow fear and doubt, no matter how tough the road in view may seem. It is a opportunity to strengthen.

The girls are thriving, not just the triplets, also my wife and Frankie. I’m not going to say it’s been easy, and I have had to learn a few hard lessons myself. If I have ever painted myself as a man who never waivers, it was not intended, I would challenge any man to deal with a triplet pregnancy and birth and not feel the sting of fear occasionally. But as a family we have stuck together. We made vows to God when we married that we would support each other through the hard and tough times. We have manage to keep love at the centre of the chaos. And it feels like it in our home now.


Frankie has had to deal with huge upheavals as a child, now at ten-year old she is beginning to deal with other pressures as she grows up. I’ve been aware that our relationship fell to the side a little since the arrival of the triplets. we used to have a bedtime routine of reading a story, saying our prayers and having little chats about things that were important.

Since the babies have moved into their own room we have began to have that time again. It’s incredibly important that we do. I’ve been showing her again, a way to not suppress the fears and worry she has been facing, and also been open about my failings with her over the last 8 months, that they were not at all down to her. But any impatience I displayed was down to feeling my own pressures at the situation. She is doing great, I’m so proud of her, she has a real strength, just like her Mum.


Stacey is still producing milk for all three. And also cooking, and blending all their meals and desserts. She is a phenomenal Mum, with a huge capacity for love. The girls are eating with much enthusiasm and less mess now. The rate of development is steady and sure, all three have very different little personality traits and facial expressions. Lacey loves blowing bubbles, Ava kicks and shouts a lot, and Blakely can’t stop smiling, my heart still explodes when i hold them. Unconditional love is real, it cannot be put into words, it is a spiritual grace that bonds us.


So it’s going as well as it can be i guess. We are all looking forward to the comimg spring as they love the outside, and to the next landmark of a year of their presence in our lives. It is an amazing path to be given, not one to be walked with anything but love. I wouldnt change a thing about my life right now. And for my family I am truly grateful.

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