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33 weeks & 3 days

I have been known on occasion to miss the odd important date. Since becoming a triplet parent I have forgotten quite a few appointments and the like. For no other reason than I have three babies at home.

(Having triplets hasn’t affected us at all)

Yesterday I missed another one. A date that was incredibly important to my wife, so it is 4am, Blakely has just had a feed and gone back down, so here’s my opportunity to share this occasion. I’m not in too much trouble as the babies have been ill the last few weeks so attention has been focused on staying present with home and Work.

Yesterday was in-out day. If you’re not aware of what this is, it is the day the babies have been out of Mum’s belly, the exact same amount of days they spent in there before arrival.

Stacey , this is for you…..

33w 3d In

– There were three blessings added to our lives, of which we had no idea,

I could never imagined the struggle you faced, though I saw light beyond the fear

For 33 weeks and 3 days, of the emotional tides, we balanced on the wake,

I know the physical changes you endured, were too much at times to take

Only you know the pressure of carrying 4 heartbeats, with 30 fingers & 30 toes,

but to carry them with such strength and love, underneath the fear, grace flowed

You grew three healthy lives without fault, through the tears and pressures abound,

My love you have no idea how proud I am of the woman before me now.

33 weeks 3 days out

– I held your hand so tight that morning, I needed to be strong ,

Our three little birds entered the world to happiness, dance and song

Reunited on the outside for the first time this is true,

But a bond had grown between us, there was love inside they knew

From the hospital we were hurled into our new life,

and from the day they were born I re-discovered my wife

From fear rose a strength, one that humbles me,

To see you with my children is every reason I became me

You have endured for us so much, too much at times I know,

But the woman I love, my triplet Mama, there is a strength in you alone,

And without doubt as we face the light,

love that exists under our roof will hold tight

Never doubt the ability you hold,

We have four blessed children here

who each shine

with a bit of your soul.


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  1. Wow what a lovely tribute to your amazing wife.x

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