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An update on the little ladies

Our little chickens have arrived at seven months old. Just over five months adjusted. Much has changed this last month. New faces are being pulled by Ava, Lacey has mastered spitting, dribbling and blowing bubbles while humming to herself, all in the one single performance. Most impressive. And Blakely has figured out she can roll from her back to her belly with some sheer determination. She may be dinky but has a lot of strength, as well as the most warming gummy smile.

The move to their own room has continued to give us back a bite of normality. They remained settled, and are sleeping through without disturbances. 12 hours a night. That structure has given Stacey a chance to set a firm routine with them during the day. They nap in the morning and after lunch without any problems so far. So glad we stuck to the self soothing. It’s definitely payed off.

weaning is also going well. At lunch time they sit for fresh puréed veggies and fruit for dessert. All prepared by Stacey. She and Frankie made up a batch of different meals for them to keep frozen. A months worth at a time. So they are only getting pure ingredients. It can get a little messy but they really enjoy the meals. They are quick to adapt and to learn new skills. This week we have introduced another meal late afternoon, it keeps them content and makes the witching hour less of a witching hour before baths.

They got weighed this week and the health visitor is as pleased as ever with their development.

Ava 14lb 8oz

Lacey 14lb 1oz

Blakely 12lb 6oz

Teething is the only real upset with them at the moment. But doesn’t affect them at night which is a blessing for all of us.

I think it’s safe to say the dust has settled under our roof for the time being. There is a real rhythm to the routine now and the girls are thriving and content. We all know our jobs and the babies well enough to know their needs. We all know how to pacify each one and how to entertain them as they become more alert and awake to their surroundings and sounds.

Stacey has most definitely found her groove as a triplet Mum. Since the beginning of the year she is beaming with a new confidence. As she has said to me, although being a mum prior to the triplets this is a whole different deal. Finding the confidence to take care of them alone during the day is something that can only be gained by experience. I know myself how tough it is. There’s a focus needed and my wife most definitely has it. She is doing a remarkable job of an extraordinary situation. And she’s in her element with all her girls.

We also scrapped the single and twin pram and invested in a quad pram. It means now Stacey can get out the house with them on her own. With the weather improving it’s a nice break to be able to leave the house with them.

This year really feels like the start of a new chapter for us. The beginning of it all in a sense. There’s no longer the fear of how we’ll manage, or the stresses of last year to deal with. The babies are here and we’re getting on with it.

I’m a proud Dad. One of not many who gets to see the loving smiles of three healthy, beautiful bambinos each morning. I count my blessings and give thanks each day for the ever growing spirit of love in my home.

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  1. I get really happy reading progress of the triplets in all the blogs I follow. I remember the sheer panic at being left alone for half an hour. Now its all OK. Worst that can happen is they all cry at once. We are full of tricks to snap them out of it! We also gave in and got the triple pram for exactly the same reason! Brings a lot more unsolicited attention when out but I’m past caring now 🙂

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