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A room for Three

Since the triplets have been sleeping through more consistently, we have been handed another obstacle. One that is more prevalent since being home after the Christmas holidays. When Stacey and myself try and go to bed at night , 99 percent one of the time, babies wakes up. No matter how stealth or clever we may think we’re being.

We head up the stairs, turn all the lights off, sneak in to our bedroom, careful not to make a sound, no phone lights or anything that may disrupt them. Then I step on the creaking floorboard, and pause in my tracks , heart speeding up, clinging to the thin shred of hope that I haven’t woken a bambino, then………… boom!, to my right in the darkness I hear the sucking of a thumb. So ones awake and a bit peckish, before we know the other two are staring at us with little hope of going back down without a top up.

It doesn’t matter how super cute your babies are or how attached you may be, sooner rather than later they need to move to their own room. That day has arrived for them. And what a great day it has been.

The decision was made and neither of us felt like putting it off any at longer. So i finished decorating at 2am this morning, and today the room was finished. Tonight we get our room back, minus three cribs, a growling dinosaur, a laughing monkey chops and a singing Gremlin.

You have no idea how exited we are to go to bed tonight and not have to worry about waking the triplets.

It’s a huge milestone. One that has been quite emotional to be honest. This room has been put on hold for so long. This house somehow feels more like a home today, with a little more normality. This is an amazing start to the year for us, especially with the Babies being weaned now.

I know parents who struggle to make the transition of moving a baby out of their reach and into their own room. Maybe it’s because we have three little munchkins but my conscious is clear, and hopefully tonight we’ll both sleep like babies.

4 responses to “A room for Three”

  1. I am 7 months pregnant and have been so worried about sharing my sleeping space with baby as I value a good nights sleep so much! I know I will get used to it, but you’re not alone, I’m sure, I’m rejoicing to having your own space back!

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    1. The arrival of the girls has been the biggest adjustment of my life. Sleep was something that was so important for me to be able to function. It was tough at times but It’s surprising how little I actually need now. It does get easier. Congratulations and all the best with your bundle.


      1. Best thing we did was to move them to their room! they didn’t care one bit 🙂

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