Firstly happy new year, I hope you all had an enjoyable time this season. I personally have developed my food baby pregnancy belly again. I’m about three months and need to stop eating.

Although only a couple of weeks since last posting. I’m surprised during this Christmas holiday how much the triplets have developed. Maybe it’s because we’re away with family, just this stepping back a little to let others help out has given me an opportunity to notice more than I usually would.

For one I’ve noticed how big they’ve got. We have three solid little babies on the go. Even Blakely has a noticeable weight to her now. All three have their own little facial expressions which can make it easier to tell who’s who. I’ve only got them muddled up once this holiday. Quite an achievement for me.

This is definitely Lacey

We began weaning them, now 26 weeks, 19 adjusted we felt they were ready to start on wet food for the lunchtime feed. Blakely knew exactly what to do first time round, and other than the protests between the spoon being removed from her mouth and returning she was like a duck to water. Ava and Lacey didn’t take long to get the hang of it either. They’re quick to learn.

Blakely has also discovered how to push herself over from her belly to her back. It’s a lot of effort but she has the determination to keep going. She’s a tough little cookie, but we already knew this.

Ava made her own new discovery whilst in Ikea shopping for high chairs. She discovered how to have a tantrum, and I can report she’s a natural. Very impressive volumes reached, as a singer I’m quite proud of the set of lungs she has.

Lacey has began singing to herself when she wakes up in the mornings. A bit like Gizmo from that Gremlins movie. It’s nothing short of adorable. Ava followed along by blowing bubbles, this has progressed over the last few days into a sort of constant growling with the occasional fart noise thrown in. It’s like we are now sharing a room with a small dinosaur who can’t shut up. It’s funny to wake up to.

Blakely has yet to start with the vocals like her sisters as yet, but does have a really cheeky laugh. I’m sure she’ll be finding her voice very soon. Everything seems to happen between them within a short time as far as development goes.

So it’s been an interesting time. A nice break for us over Christmas, as much as anyone can with multiples. To be honest we’re both still tired. Stacey and myself even had a night out to a restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I can’t remember the last time we had that quiet time together. It was much needed. Thankfully Stacey has a big family full of women who love taking care of babies so a night out was possible.

Now its back to work, back to the routine, which is made easier by watching the ever changing growth of the triplets. There is much to look forward to, much more to learn and much to work for. My family deserve the best start in life I can provide for them. Everything changed last year. It’s my job to move with that change.

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