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All fit and ready for Christmas

It’s nice to be feeling well again. After a few weeks of illness the hospital finally got to the cause last Friday night. Turns out aswell as a nasty little chest infection, the real pain was caused by gastritis. Anyway after one pill, I feel as though I’ve pretty much blown the problem away now, much to Frankie’s amusement.

It’s coming to the end of a rollercoaster year, I think my family have done an amazing job to all get through it as well as we have. There was so much uncertainty from the day we had the scan, but it was faith, patience and knowing that we had been entrusted with something incredibly rare that got us here.


The stress of it all and the tiredness may have nipped at me at the end, but to be honest it feels we are finally now emerging from the other end of the massive adjustment that was bringing three new born premature babies home.

Ava,Lacey and Blakely have thrived, right from the starting gun. They have adjusted and grown into very calm, content little bambinos. Each a little different already in their personalities, in looks, I still get them muddled up occasionally. They all sleep through 12 hours now. I now how incredibly lucky we’ve been in that sense. They will be 23 weeks tomorrow.


Through all the difficulties, mostly emotional it’s hard not to feel blessed. Our marriage has become stronger, Frankie now has been officially promoted to big sister and loves them, after having to deal with her own adjustments. I’m very proud of her for the young lady she is becoming.

This christmas and new year will be a very special one. Looking back at the events of my life that have brought me to this point it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that really, my life is only beginning. In the sense that I am now able to bring stability, love and consistency to my home, to my children , I have discovered my purpose as a man, my true purpose in life. Without grace I wouldn’t be here. Without faith I would be unable to continue.


Christmas for me now is a reminder, and a celebration of the man who showed others a way to connect with a light, that would drive out darkness and heal all internal suffering. I see that light in my children. This year brought three bright lights into our lives, that have moved us as a family to improve, to pull together, to stay out of anger for the sake of each other. And to put love and trust first.

Each one is a gift, we have our lives mapped out for us, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

8 responses to “All fit and ready for Christmas”

  1. A lovely post and very reflective. The amount of adjustment required to bring three premmie babies home must be immense. not surprised you were feeling a bit burned out. Glad to see your faith is holding strong and wishing you avery Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2018.

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    1. Thankyou, and a very happy Christmas to you and yours.


  2. I’m just about managing with one baby so I commend you having 3! We are extremely excited for our first Christmas also! Must be amazing seeing all their separate personalities come through!

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    1. It is really interesting watching the three develop, funny little characters already . Enjoy your first Christmas with baby, and all the best for the new year


  3. The triplets are adorable! I’m really glad for you that you’re adapting and thriving, I’m pretty sure that I would not have done so had I had triplets. I have a 11 month old granddaughter who is having her first Christmas this year. Can’t wait!

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    1. Enjoy ! A very merry Christmas to you all, especially your granddaughter. We are really excited about this coming Christmas with the little chickens 🙂


  4. Aww they look so cute! My daughter was also premature and it was tough. I can only imagine what it’s like with three! All the best to you and Merry Christmas to all your family! :*

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    1. And a very merry Christmas to you too 🙂


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