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Trigger warning! Absolutely everything ever is completely offensive

It has become increasingly difficult to open ones mouth these days and not get someone chewy. I used to be a boy who took everything personally, unless it was inline with my thinking of course.

I suffered from a problem that was all mine. That problem being that I couldn’t control my emotional nature. If something offended me I would spin into an emotional dive bomb simply because I couldn’t tolerate another’s opinion or point of view. I got angry and reacted. It was a crappy way to live.

Thankfully I am able to now live unaffected by the things I see in the world,  no matter how off key they may or may not be. I am happily neutral.

I’m surprised at how offended folks get by certain things, that there are so many floundering in bitterness, almost looking for a reason to vent. I never once believed that sharing any info about my beautiful daughters would offend so many. But it has, and still does.

This is where I overstep the line, feel free to unfollow me if the hot chocolate doesn’t calm those senses


‘Our triplets were not conceived through fertility treatment, they simply arrived the old fashioned way’

’My wife is still breastfeeding all three now at 21 weeks’

There I put it out there, I have actually been removed from Father support sites for sharing this information.

I am not smuggly giggling to myself as I write this. Nor am I puffing my chest out and spitting at those who went through horrendous times just to bring life into the world.

Its apparently a real no-no to mention those two facts of my life as a parent. It raises anger. I have been asked to be more considerate of others, yet my consideration is not to be granted by those offended as my truth offends them. It’s a little bit nutty to say the least.

I am truly sorry if you have struggled. Turns out so did we, our chances were less than average. Yet why the anger when you are now raising multiples ?, beautiful children, no matter how they got here, or how they are being kept alive.

I’m incredibly proud of my family, especially my wife for the amazing job she is doing. It genuinely amazes me the situation that my family has been blessed with this year.




It’s been my experience that whenever I have been offended, it’s because something in me has been affected. Something internally that is mine to deal with and find peace with.

So if my experience has offended you, forgive me, you’ll feel much lighter for it.

Now go enjoy being a parent, the really important bit.

2 responses to “Trigger warning! Absolutely everything ever is completely offensive”

  1. It’s a crazy world we live in. Because one person has a blessing does not make it your fault that others don’t share that same blessing. I am sure they are blessed in some other way. It’s so silly to be offended by something that is out of anyone’s control.


  2. Maybe most people are so insensitive. Whenever I experience something like that, I ignore them. I don’t care if they are not happy of what I have.

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