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Ask a silly question

Whoever it was that coined the phrase ‘there is no such thing as a silly question’, clearly never ventured out into public with triplets.

Multiples draw attention, it’s like the circus has arrived. Especially when the third one is spotted, many times I’ve been jammed in the isle of the supermarket while out on my own with them, surrounded and blocked from all sides by cooing onlookers wanting to have a look at my brood.

Unfortunately it’s unavoidable. As it seems are the barrage of questions that follow. Mostly unfiltered, partly offensive but I’d like to believe none are presented with any real malice.

I think I have heard them all now, one I have been asked more than once is “Are they real”? , to be honest I’ve often wondered what someone would think my angle was if they weren’t real , I mean a heavily tattooed man with a twin buggy and another Dolly strapped to my chest in a harness. The mind boggles.

Another one encountered regularly, is being looked at with a screwed up face, like they’ve just sucked a lemon , followed by “Rather you than me” with an air of smugness. A response more suited to someone just back from a cheap holiday in magaluf, embarrassingly declaring they picked up an STD.

One that continues to puzzle both Stacey and myself is “Did you know you were having triplets”?
This usually follows a pause from me as I try again to process the question. I usually go to my stock reply of “well we didn’t know…………then we had a scan, and then we did know”.

For the most people are generally shocked and intrigued. I make the time to talk to most people as I don’t like to be rude. On occasion though it’s best just to walk away.

“Are they natural”? Is always one of the first questions from strangers, always prompting me to wonder what an unatural baby would look like. And what a personal question to put to anyone. I may just answer that now with my sperm count result, pop them a cheeky proud wink and ask them what they think,  just for the reaction.

A couple of weeks ago a cashier commented that me standing there with triplets was enough to make her ovaries explode. I was lost for words on that occasion, really lost.

Blakely was smiling all the way home at some of the silly comments we got

People seem to fear monger aswell, unintentionally I think. There’s nothing like being told in the middle of sleep deprivation by a stranger that “it’s only going to get harder”. Or being constantly reminded how expensive it’s going to get whilst being extremely aware of how expensive it’s going to get.

I do draw the line though at photos, also when complete strangers think it’s okay to try and hold them. It happens occasionally.

If you have multiples you’ll be aware of all of this. It becomes normal. The best thing to do is have fun with it. As frustrating as it can be, for no other reason that it’s how it’s going to be.




9 responses to “Ask a silly question”

  1. Beautiful Blakely. More than a bit it all.

    It’s hard to take , especially when you,re tired, but it is unusual and people will be interested.

    You,re both doing a great job, they are happy and healthy girls and that’s all that matters. xxx

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  2. An interesting post indeed! I can imagine the attention the family gets. I’ve seen it first hand with twins so the scrutiny must be really intense with triplets. Anyway here’s to infinite patience and happy memories. Cheers!

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    1. Patience and tolerance are everything. It’s a wonderful experience to be in

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  3. I love that photo of Blakely. What a little cutie-pie.

    Some of these are astounding. I mean, I sort of understand the silly questions. Some folks are just to keen to interact that they let their mouth run away before they think about what they are saying. But oh my goodness who ever thinks it would be okay to take a photo or hold a strangers baby!? And the folks that keep telling you it’ll only get harder too- What the flip!?

    At least you have the fun of their smiles to comfort you with all the grown-ups acting like idiots.

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  4. Exploding ovaries! That’s outrageous! As is the question re them being natural. I would be tempted to tell them your sperm count for the lolz. Catch it on video enough times and you’d have an awesome video.

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    1. That’s a great idea, i could strap a camera to Blakelys harness, she gets a front row seat to the nonsense

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  5. OMG, the cashier…! I’m laughing out loud here 😀 😀 awww, people can ask such stupid questions, you just gotta love them for it – or perhaps don’t lol. OMG!! I feel you 😉

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  6. LOL! Made my afternoon! I got the same… ‘did you know it would be a girl?’ with my first baby…I just walked away! Thanks for the entertainment. Blakely is so cute 🙂

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  7. I enjoy reading along. Keep writing!

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