It’s never wise, especially with a pregnant partner to mention any aches or pains you may be experiencing. So I’ve decided to blow the lid off that now, just the once, hopefully without angering any of my female followers, but here goes……..

Men suffer physically too.

Bare with me before you unsubscribe. Stacey you can deal with me later.

This is not to complain, or pamper for sympathy, Or take anything away from what my wife has experienced this year. I simply want to highlight some of the risks,  aches and pains that can be acquired from raising three babies at once. Because I had no idea of what was coming.

Other than physical and mental exhaustion, during and since the Pregnancy I have experienced the following, in no particular order here’s my top ten –

1. Ongoing back pain from reaching down into the cots and picking up babies. So far I have visited the chiropractor and am due to return for an x-ray.

2. Permanent pain, not unlike tennis elbow in both elbows from holding babies.

3. A broken little toe obtained during a sleep deprivation stint whilst walking round the bed with a baby in the early hours and cracking it on the corner of the bed.

4. Lots more stubbed toes from the bed, and cots, and equipment in the front room.

5. Already have permanent damage in both ears otherwise it almost would definitely would have made this list.

6. A day in hospital last week with sudden chest pains, possibly muscular, or was suggested perhaps stress related as all tests came back clear.  who knows, but I  did get to spend the entire day in bed asleep as I had to wait six hours between blood tests. God bless you the NHS.

7. Occasional temporary insanity due to sleep deprivation, and zombie like mental reflexes.

8. More stubbed toes.

9. Constant pain in my left shoulder.

10. Pressure headaches.

I can only thank the lord I haven’t been struck down with man-flu this year.

But I will man up and soldier on, because my three little chickens are absolutely worth it all.


So if your a partially fit fella expecting lots of babies, and think you’re just in for a bit of tiredness, I’d suggest you get your arse down the gym and invest in a good quality back support belt.




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