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A lifetime of milestones

From the sense of relief of those first three poops in the NICU, through to diving out of bed in a panic to see if they’re okay because they’ve all slept through for the first time (that was a big high five moment). Now to the smiles and coo’s, there is always a new first happening at home. Last Friday afternoon they had their first swim and absolutely loved it, big gummy smiles from all three. These moments are so special.

A Halloween pumpkin

I don’t think I stopped all year to really consider the positive impact they would have on me when they arrived. I knew they were supposed to be, and I knew what my job was to be now, but how it would be was still unknown to me. I am literally never going to be bored (or full of energy) ever again.


We have a lifetime of milestones ahead of us. Not just the triplets but Frankie too. Also growth as a family. Especially for Stacey and myself. Nothing will prompt a man to get his arse in gear for his family as fast as triplets. The future is opening up for us.

Watching Frankie grow over the last five years has been nothing short of a wonderful experience, partly down to how good she is, we’ve rarely had any problems with her. I once spent the best part of a Saturday with all the cushions from the sofas on the floor, showing, and watching her over-come her fear of ‘going upside down’ to finally, and triumphantly doing her first forward roll. It was a great day. We rarely saw her the right way up for months afterwards. I still remember her face and the sense of achievement. I have many memories like that. They all mean a lot and I hope they stay with me.

It’s a nice feeling to think that we have three new personalities to watch evolve and grow within our family. I used to think babies did nothing more than poop, cry and sleep. I had no idea how soon their little personalities would begin appearing, but I already see little differences in them.


They’ve had an incredible impact on our lives, and in me as a man looking forward in life. Every day brings something new. Today they are seventeen weeks old and have gone to bed at seven thirty for the first time, and are all asleep!

I feel like screaming hallelujah from my roof but I don’t want to wake them. So Il just thank God we’re all doing okay.

3 responses to “A lifetime of milestones”

  1. Congratulations on getting them all to sleep at a decent hour! A huge feat! I can’t imagine trying to do that with multiples, it was hard enough sleep training one at a time.
    – Christine

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    1. I think i celebrated too soon.

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  2. I bet that’s not easy to handle the triplet but, to follow all their milestones are a great moment ever 🙂 courage DAD!!! 😀

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